free islamic and community resources

Islamic and Community Resources

We’re entering month three of A Modest Argument and I’ve honestly loved sharing with you all and connecting with some of you personally. I really, really appreciate all the support from you with your kind comments, sharing posts and giving feedback to help grow the blog, JazakAllahu khayran.

What’s new?

Several new pages have been introduced recently including the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer relating mostly to the posting of affiliate links.

There’s also a new Resources page with free Islamic and community resources.

Find the subscribe box at the top of every page across the site and read more about all of these things below.

Islamic and Community Resources

Islamic understanding and knowledge is very important, especially in the context of having ‘a modest argument’; basic appreciation of the fundamentals of Islam is essential to having meaningful exchanges where we actually learn from each other. In a community organising context it’s also essential to grasp baseline concepts in order to address the social issues discussed on the blog and work to better the realities of people.

The number of subscribers to A Modest Argument has been growing and I want to offer you something more than blog posts. Subscribers now have access to A Modest Argument Islamic and Community Resources using the password that will be sent to you. If you’re already a subscriber you should receive your password today. You can access all of the resources by going to the Resources page and then clicking ‘Enter’, or using the links next to the images on the Home and Blog page.

Islamic Resources

This section will contain learning resources and other Islamic goodies to view and download. You will find family-friendly guides and and self-learning tools appropriate for people who want to increase basic Islamic understanding and general Qur’anic knowledge. To launch this section you can download a free Hijri Calendar with significant dates, and as a subscriber you will have access to the first learning resource: ‘Learn about Surahs in the Qur’an’; a child-friendly activity exploring the names of surahs 1-30 and facts about each surah. 

Get them now

Community Resources

You can read about various social issues under the ‘Society’ section of the blog, discussing race, privilege, cohesion, etc. As a subscriber to A Modest Argument you can access tools that I’ve used and developed as a community organiser which will support you in creating appropriate responses to issues within your context. You will be able to download a range of resources from simple print out explanations and guides to project planning and facilitation support, in sha Allah. 

All of the available resources are free and I’ll aim to add content there frequently so make sure you check back now and then! Most new content will be mentioned in blog posts to let you know it’s there and as a subscriber you’ll be notified when these are published.


Since the launch I’ve been posting at least twice per week for most weeks, and I’ve decided to start posting once a week so that I have more time to develop resources and write more beneficial posts. I’ll also be working and studying more soon (just in time for Ramadhan- yayy) so I’ll welcome any interest in collaborative or guest post writing- to promote your relevant product or project or write your own ‘modest argument’- please do contact me.

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