Privacy Policy 2020

Our privacy policy outlines how, what and why we collect, store and process data. We only collect and store data that is necessary. 

We collect data through our website ( This includes using cookies and allowing visitors to submit their email address to subscribe for updates. This is based on the legal basis’ of legitimate interest and consent.

Data is stored for as long as required to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected, or until consent is withdrawn. Where consent has been given to receive updates about our work, the necessary contact details will be processed by MailerLite. View MailerLite’s Privacy Policy here:

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Some of these are essential, which means you must agree to us using them in order to use the website. Others can be enabled or disabled by clicking Cookie Settings on the banner at the bottom of the page when you visit us. Find out about how these work here:

Siteground hosts our website and processes some data, which means they collect information from visitors that lets us see how many visitors we have and manage our website. View their Privacy Policy here:

Any person whose data has been collected has the right to: access their own data; correct their own data; request for their own data to be deleted; and object to it being processed. Where data has been collected by means of consent, data subjects can withdraw consent. Requests for any such actions should be made in writing by contacting